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"Been setting up a little customer impact capture quiz using Typeform. Really quick and easy to use (looks good too!)"

Michelle J Halpin,
ommunication and Engagement Coordinator

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You’re particular — we get that. Your online quiz should reflect your unique personality. Adjust color schemes, add background images—even change your button text. Leave nothing to chance.

Online quizzes can be a unique journey for everyone. With logic jumps, you can make a quiz that gets progressively harder or easier, based on someone’s answers. And that’s just the beginning.

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How do you know how well someone performed on your quiz? With calculator, you can assign a value to every answer to tally up scores automatically. Create smarter quizzes for education or business.

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"Want to make a great quiz for your class? Typeform is the best tech tool I've found"

Neil Jarrett
Teacher at The British International School Shanghai

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Just drag-and-drop. Type some questions. Automate your scoring system. Add a touch of design. Then share your quiz online.

Your quiz needs some character—don’t be shy. Make your online quiz even more interactive using icons, images, GIFs, and video.

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Quizzes have never been more popular. More interactive content means more engagement — and more feedback to explore.

"My first Typeform quiz creation - such a creative process! What result will you get?"

Leah Ryder,
Content and Marketing Lead @ Trello

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