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How you ask is everything.

People just enjoy filling out a typeform. And when people like something, they stick around.

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@typeform, baby. Remember the first time you saw TV in HD?
Think the HD version of surveys.

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Pick or upload a design. Tweak the fonts and colors. Add an image or two. You just made a beautiful, on-brand survey.

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Pick from 500+ integrations

Google Sheets

Send results to Google Sheets and share with your team.


Notify the right people at the right time as responses come in.

Collect emails and automate all of your marketing.


Create workflows that save time and simplify your day.

Discover, plan, learn, repeat

Use typeforms across the entire business journey.

Give Typeform a try—and watch the responses roll in.


Improve products and services.

Lead Gen

Grow your audience.

Market Research

Discover new opportunities.


· Brand your survey
· Pick themes and backgrounds
· Choose fonts and colors

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