Marketing automation with a human touch

How  you ask
      is everything.

In a nutshell

Keep doing what you do best

You're already a superhero — but Batman gets more done with Robin. Make Drip and Typeform your marketing automation sidekick. Spend more time growing your business and really getting to know your customers.

  • Well-connected
    Typeform integrates with hundreds of your favorite tools. You never have to work another day in your life. Almost.

  • Versatile
    SurveyMonkey stops at surveys. Typeform's your lead gen magnet, feedback tool, order form, quiz maker. And rocket surgeon.

  • Easy to use
    Pick a template or jot down your questions. Choose a design or customize your own. Share your typeform or embed it on your site.

Don't send farmer Joe a message about test-driving tractors when he just needs to buy some parts. Instead ask, "Hey Joe, how did those parts work out for you?"

Segment your customers anyway you like and make your marketing meaningful.

Other reasons to swap out SurveyMonkey for interactive, branded experiences with Typeform.

Customize every journey

Learn what matters most to your customers. Then surprise them with personalized messages along their journey.

Remember, you're in this for the long haul.

Get more personal - just like Tim

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Don't leave your data back at the ranch.
Send Typeform responses straight to Drip — and give everyone the experience they deserve. 

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"The combination of Drip and Typeform is so exciting for us because they both have one goal in mind: personal, one-to-one conversations and experiences."

Tim Berman,
Growth Specialist and CEO at Big Red's Equipment

Tim Berman,
Growth Specialist and CEO at Big Red's Equipment

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